Rio (2011) Haiku Review

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Rio is a lively and colorful animated adventure which will have you flapping your wings to the beat from start to finish. Rio tells the tale of a blue macaw, appropriately named Blue, who was snatched away from his nest by poachers and ends up in Wisconsin, in the care of Linda, a local bookstore owner.

Birds of a feather
flock to Rio, spread their wings
during Carnival.

Taken from the nest much too young, Blue cannot fly and is the target of ridicule by the local birds. His torment is shortlived however, when Tulio, a doctor of ornithology from Brazli walks into the bookstore with an intriguing offer for Linda and Blue.

Tulio explains that Blue is one of only a few remaining blue macaws, and as he has a female blue macaw, would love for Linda and Blue to come to Brazil for the macaws to mate. After a little apprehension, Linda agrees and soon they are on the way to colorful Rio de Janeiro.

Rio on Amazon.comOnce in Rio, Blue meets Jewel, a feisty lady macaw who wants nothing more to escape captivity and spread her wings in the rain forests of Brazil. Unfortunately, poachers break into the bird hospital and make off with the feathered friends.

Blue and Jewel have quite an adventure as they try to escape, with Blue wanting to return to Linda, and Jewel, wanting to get back to the wild. Along the way they have a blast with new found friends in the city during the peak of Carnival.

Rio is a fresh and delightful tale, sure to elicit a laugh from everyone. A children’s movie, it does not cram too many adult references into it, but parents are sure to be entertained regardless. The pacing of the story moves along great, and you will never get bored or lose interest while watching.

Delightful tale of
animated avians,
beautiful songbirds.

Voice acting in Rio was top notch, starring, with an ensemble cast starring Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, and Tracy Morgan. Morgan’s character was a blast and it was a shame he wasn’t in more of the movie, but that is a minor complaint.

Music in Rio was a treat as well. These are birds, after all, and there were plenty of catchy songs to get you tapping your toes. The main theme has been stuck in my head for days after seeing Rio, and that is no complaint.

Directed by Carlos Seldanha (Ice Age, Robots) Rio is a delightful treat which will stave off boredom for kids and parents alike this summer.

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